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Not For Climbing

Not For Climbing

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A titanium carabiner

Need to add some color to your keychain? One of the most effective ways to manage your keys is by taking them out of your pocket and attaching them to your belt. Everyone dislikes carrying keys because they're heavy, bulky, and pointy. However, most carabiners are cheap and flimsy, and they barely last a few years.

  • Made from a single piece of titanium (which won't rust or corrode).
  • Uses a "flexure" mechanism for its springiness, which will last 3-4x longer than typical springs.
  • Super lightweight (weighs less than 10 grams).
  • Made by DTE in central Indiana.
  • Tested durability on our custom made "robot".
  • Comes in two finishes - stonewashed and powder coated.
  • Optional stability upgrade is no longer needed! As we've made improvements to the design over time.
  • Materials: titanium.

Note: We have done a lot of work to improve this product over time. The carabiners in the pictures are the second revision and we're currently selling the third. Visually they're very similar, but the newest revision has a stiffer flexure, is more secure, and will last even longer. We'll get new pictures up ASAP, but we promise you'll love this version even more.

Do not use it for climbing - you will die.

We will repair or refinish any carabiner indefinitely.
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